Zeisberger Heckewelder Biographies

Alexander, L.H. 1985

    Alexander served for forty years from 1917 to 1957 as supervisor of music for Dover City Schools.  He wrote the Dover High School fight song and alma mater.  Lyrics:

                      We lift our voices in praise of thee,

                                Dear Dover High.

                       Thy gray and crimson let all man see

                                Floating on high.

                       In victories' thrill or in defeat,

                       From truth and right we'll ne'er retreat.

                       Fairest alma mater unful thy banner fair.

                       May each son and daughter learn to do and dare.

                       Memories dear we'll cherish of our school days free.

                       Dear old Dover High we'll always loyal be.

         Alexander organized the first high school band in Dover. "I hope I have taught appreciation of good music." he said of the countless Dover students, now adults, he taught.

Barthalow, Clyde 1983

Clyde Barthalow of Newcomerstown was honored for his contributions as an educator, administrator and school board member over the years.

Browning, Bryce 1981

Bryce Browning was the founder of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.

Cronin, Lester 1983

Lester Cronin, retired as a county extention agent active with 4H and Granges in Tuscarawas County.  This was a government post helping farmers, located at that time above in the US Post Office in New Philadelphia, Ohio, the Tuscarawas County seat.


He was instrumental in the founding of Trumpet In The Land, an outdoor drama: the story of David Zeisberger, John Heckawelder and the first Christian settlement in what is now Ohio.  These Moravian missionaries came to Schoenbrunn in 1772, converting local Delaware Indians.  As the Trumpet website says, "Written by Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Paul Green, "Trumpet in the Land" is an unforgettable experience that brings to life the Ohio frontier during the Revolutionary War. Performed in the same hills from which this story is born, Trumpet is a thrilling and passionate story of a peaceful people's influence on the war and the tragic events that encircled the founding of Ohio's first settlement, Schoenbrunn."

Daughterty, Dr. Clark M. 1989

       Dr. Clark M. Doughtery, a retired surgeon, in addition to being a supporter of our historical heritage, after serving in the Air Force and Army, contributed to many health-related community programs.

Donahey, Gertrude W. 1984

Gertrude Walton Donahey was born in Goshen Township in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, on August 4, 1908.  Donahey earned a degree from Mann's Business College in Columbus, Ohio, before going to work in the Office of the Ohio Adjutant General's Business and Finance Devision.

     Donahey eventually became involved in politics as a member of the Democratic Party.  Donahey was chosen as a delegate to the Democratic National Conventions in 1964 and 1968, as well as representing the state of Ohio on the Democratic Party's platform and resolution commitee.  In 1964, U.S. Senator Stephen M. Young hired Donahey as his executive assistant, a position that she held until 1970.  These experiences prepared Donahey for an elected position. 

    In 1970, Donahey became the first woman to be elected to a statewide office in Ohio when she was elected state treasurer.  She continued to serve as Ohio'o treasurer until 1983.  Donahey commanded much respect in this position, both within the state and at the national level.  Members of the National Association of State Auditors, Comtrollers, and Treasurers elected her as their president in 1981.

   Donahey was also conected by marriage to two other Ohio politicians.  Her husband, John W. Donahey, served as Lieutenant Governor of Ohio and her father-in-law, A. Victor Donahey was both Governor of Ohio and U.S. Senator.

   Donahey died in Bexley, Ohio, on July 11, 2004.

                        The source of this material is Ohio History Central.

Endres, Gene 1983

Gene Endres, president of Endres Floral, has been generous with his time and his floral work in promoting Tuscarawas County.  He is specially noted for his creation of the Golden Memories Rose.

Green, Paul 1981

Paul Green was a Pulitzer Award winning author and author of Ohio's first outdoor drama, "Trumpet In The Land."  In a letter written at the time wrote, "Your medal is a testimony to the fellowship of man."

Hawk, Ida 1982

Ida Hawk is mother of nine children, each of whom has entered the service professions.  They are Vivian Barr, school teacher; Dr. Bray Hawk of St. Louis; Edna Richardson of Massillon, nurse; Dr. Dale Hawk of St. Charles Minn.; Drs. Gene & John Hawk of New Philadelphia; Melvin Hawk, attorney of Akron; Mrs. Ronald Williams, school teacher of Farmington Hills, Mich; and William Hawk, pharmacist with Rice Pharmacy of Lake Cable, Ohio.  There are 23 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Kapitzky, Frances 1981

Frances Kapitzky, president of the Citizens Bank of Strasburg, said in her acceptance, "It is difficult to accept such an undeserved honor, but it must and should encourage my faith, courage and love on behalf of the people of Tuscarawas County and my God."

Lebold, William Sr. 1984

William Lebold said in his acceptance speech that his family lived by the belief that 'the only thing you have in life is what you give away.

Loveday, Amos J. Jr. 1987

     Loveday will receive the Zeisberger-Heckewelder Medal in recognition of his commendable community service, his efforts in supervising the excavation of Fort Laurens in Bolivar, and also his leadership in the movement to have the state rebuild a portion of the fort and erect appropriate interpretive plaques at the site of the fort and cemetery.

Marr, Charles 1986

    Mr. Marr is the retired founder of the Marr, Knapp and Crawfis architectural firm, has been cited not only for his work within Tuscarawas County, but for his work in the formation and unification of the American Society of Architects.  He is also honored for the founding of a local scholarship for deserving students wishing to pursue architecture as a carreer.

Marsh, V.H. (Vic) 1985

Vic Marsh published his biography.  In it he tells of his leadership of the Marsh Lumber Company and Masonite Corporation.  He also worked with Union Hospital, the Chamber of Commerce, Airport Commissioners, Boy Scouts, Little League, Soap Box Derby and church.

Maus, Frances 1985

        Francis Maus fits the description of a "self-made man."  He worked through both high school and college to star as an athlete.  He graduated from Wittenberg as valedictorian of his class.  He became director of management and development and training at Weirton Steel Corp. at Weirton, WV.

       Maus has authored books on economics and business success, is former president of the Dover Kiwanis and has served as chairman for community fund raising campeigns in its mission: "serving the children of the world."

       Mr. Maus Noted in his acceptance that one of the biggest thrills of his life was helping with the excavations at Schoenbrunn, the original 1772 Christian Native American settlement near New Philadelphia. 

      He also noted what a treasure this award would be to him.

Miller, Max T. 1986

      Mr. Miller , a past president and a charter member-founder of Trumpet In the Land, the outdoor drama produced in New Philadelphia each summer with music by Nobel Prize winning composer Paul Green is the theatrical, historical account of Moravian Indians caught in 18th century turmoil on the Ohio frontier, English, French, American, and Native. 

     Mr. Miller, it was also noted took his mother's kitchen craft business and founded Miller Studio, employing hundreds of people and contributing to the economy of the area.

Romig, Ralph 1982

Author and publisher of the Buckeye Country magazine and civic leader of Tuscarawas.  Romig, a former school teacher who is also a former councilman of Tuscarawas, is president of the Historical Society.  He has authored various books including: The Valley of the Tuscarawas and Cy Young: Baseball¬ís legendary Giant.

Spring, Henry 1983

Henry Spring was an avid promoter of history and tourism in Tuscarawas County, often showing up at historical events in costume.  Owner of Spring electric in Uhrichsville, he did much to improve the economic, social and historical life Of Tuscarawas County.

Virtue, Ross 1984

Ross Virtue said he was overwhelmed when he recieved the Zeisberger Heckawelder award.  He was recognized for his career in education and the founding of the Gnadenhutten Museum.

Warther, David - 1988

        Dave was born Dover,Ohio in 1926, son of the late Ernest "Mooney" and Frieda (Richard) Warther.
        Following his service in the U.S. Navy in 1946, Dave returned home.  He and his father, Mooney developed and operated WartherMuseum & Cutlery Company in Dover.   Though receiving many offers to sell, Dave like his father, kept this treasure in Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio: an incredible asset to his home town and the world.  This amazing display, hand carved history of trains and other carvings was once appraised by the Smithsonian Museum as a priceless work of art.  Dave and his family have often used the museum to promote the Tuscarawas Valley through various community projects and fundraising events including the annual Union Hospital Christmas Tree Festival.
       Dave believed strongly in serving his community and was a Life and Honorary member of the Dover Kiwanis Club where he served twice as its president.  He also cofounded the Tuscarawas Valley Tourist Association, as well as being recipient of the Paul Sherlock Award (highest honor given for Ohio tourism).   

Dave and his family attended St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dover.

        He and his wife, Joanne served as Parade Marshalls in Dover parades.

        Dave has been instrumental in retaining the local knife making business.

        And, ever so impressively, many people have learned much about the history of steam, railroads,  local steel mill, and the artistic use of proportion and material from the continued preservation work of Dave Warther.  


Weaver, Alga (Peg) 1985

        Alga "Peg" Weaver retired in 1976 after devoting nearly 50 years to the 4-H Club movement.  This organization has local clubs in communities all over the US.  Each of these clubs of  five to fifty members has a leader.  With the leader, the youth has picked project or projects for the year.  The most well known projects have been animal (calf, sheep, etc.) raising.  However, there are also projects such as flower gardening, photography, and sewing, a most popular project and the area where Peg was best known.  For years and years, she was willing to judge and send on to the Ohio State Fair the best of Tuscarawas County youth needle skills. 

      In her work, Peg also served as Tuscarawas Countym Extention Agent, and club advisor.  She impacted , as former Ohio Cooperative Extension Service Agent wrote, "the lives of countless citizens."

      Personal note:  As a youth, I, Jennifer Hobson: now responsible for Zeisberger Heckewelder Awards,

was a 4-H er.  One of my projects each year for three years in the 1960s, was sewing.  Each year Peg would find fault with my sewing and the best I could get was a red ribbon in that catagory; though in photography, flower gardening, public speaking, etc., I attained blue ribbons. 

      One day when I was in my thirties, I was seated at a banquet next to Peg.  During the course of the evening, I told her that she had been the bain of my young life, since she always noted shortcomings in my sewing projects, and I had really wanted a blue ribbon.  A week later, an unofficial blue ribbon arrived in my mail.  :)  I finally had my blue ribbon from Peg.  :)    This is written most affectionately.  JH



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